Approved by AICTE New Delhi, DTE Mumbai & Affiliated to MSBTE Mumbai

Institute Code: 4234


Approved by AICTE New Delhi, DTE Mumbai & Affiliated to MSBTE Mumbai
Institute Code: 4234

Disciplinary Rules for Students @ SSPC

Student should obey the following Disciplinary College Rules:

  • The college has a special disciplinary wing which looks into the following matters and is authorized to punish student(s) found guilty or indulging in objectionable activities.
  • Students must carry their Identity Card, in the institute premises and produce it on demand.
  • It is mandatory for the students to maintain the dress code, while entering into college premises.
  • It is compulsory for students to attend the institute from the day of opening to the last day of each term during the academic year.
  • Regular attendance for theory and practical is a must. In case the attendance is found to less than 75% classes of theory, practical, drawing etc., the term will not be granted and he/she will not be allowed to appear for the University Examination. Students who fail to submit satisfactorily all the assignments, jobs, journals, drawings sheets, reports and term work files as specified by the University within the stipulated time limit will not be allowed to appear in the University Examination. In both cases students shall have to seek readmission to the same class in the next academic year. Thus he/she will lose one academic year.
  • Student should behave respectfully to the teaching and non-teaching staff within and out side the institute premises,
  • otherwise they are liable for disciplinary action.
  • Students must pay the stipulated fees within the given time span.
  • Students must report regarding their change of communication address if any to the office.
  • All the students must participate in extra curricular activities that the institute organises from time to time.
  • All the students must convey about their absence to the concerned HOD, in case of illness or any other emergency cases.
  • Ragging within or outside the institute is strictly prohibited. Any student found indulging in ragging shall be summarily dismissed from the institute and handed over to the police. We may add that according to the Maharashtra Prohibition Of Ragging ACT 1999 such student shall not be admitted to any other educational institute for a period of five years from the date of the order of his/her dismissal.
  • Any student found indulging in anti-social activities, creating nuisance or any other mischief like strikes, demonstrations etc. within the institute will be expelled from the institute. The fees will not be refundable in such cases.
  • Principal of the institute has the right to expel a student from the institute for any infringement of the rules of conduct and discipline prescribed by the institute or University or Government and the instructions given above.
  • Parents are required to visit the institute / hostel whenever requested by the Principal.
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco, consuming alcohol or taking drugs is strictly prohibited in the institute as well as in the hostel. If any student is found in inebriated condition, he/she will be suspended / expelled from the institute / hostel.
  • Students who seek admission to S.S.P.C. are bound to abide by the rules and regulations of institute as well as hostel as stated in brochure and also those laid down by the Principal from time to time.